Today websites are becoming critical to businesses for differentiating themselves with the rest. Today’s web presentation is no longer as a static page. An up-to-date and instant information accessibility are becoming trends. Mobility, interactive website and commerce-ready makes business website stand from others. It reaches their potential clients faster and stronger retention.

At Haynik, we recognize these key business needs in the internet industry. We offer a unique web service solutions based on Web 2.0 technology known as Web Content Management Solution.We bring our expertise in Content Management System, Social Web Service and Micropayment Solution in a single package.

Our offering comprises the following packages:

  • Standard Web Content Management Service including Web Hosting (standard to all packages).
  • Web Content Management Service with Interactive Social Community.
  • Web Content Management Service with Payment Gateway
  • Web Content Management Service with Security Roaming (Authentication & Data Protection).

Our aim is to assist our customer to achieve the following results:

  • Faster to reach their target customers or stakeholders with their up-to-date information content and latest business services which easily accessible by their target customers
  • Manage and publish their own contents easily without dependency on technical supports.
  • Monetize their digital assets instantly with seamless integration with choice of payment models.
  • Leverage Web 2.0 technologies to reach bigger audiences via new social media platform and effective collaboration for productive business deliveries.

Think Managed Web Services? Think Haynik!