As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, security issues can’t be ignored. That is why Haynik offers SafeMove – the complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Secure Enterprise Mobility Solution.

SafeMove is the ideal solution for mobile and remote workers, affording a secure, remote connection from almost anywhere in the world to all the office-based applications they are used to. To the end user, SafeMove is both seamless and transparent, maintaining a constant high quality connection that does not break even when changing network media.

SafeMove also incorporates advanced features to satisfy the scalability, manageability and performance needs of mission-critical applications.

SafeMove provides:

  • Secure communication using encryption and authentication (IPSec tunnels)
  • Seamless mobile connectivity – maintains sessions even when changing network media
  • No limit on number of concurrent users
  • Centralised management system
  • Remote management of clients
  • Suitable for enterprise, government, emergency services and health care sectors

With seamless roaming between fixed and wireless networks, users benefit from a friction free connection that offers the type of LAN-like experience they expect, whether it’s via laptops or mobile devices.

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